Friday, November 28, 2008

Entertaining Gabe

Sometimes we just like to play with Gabe. No work, no expectations. Just a little play time. He has a couple of bleach bottles in his paddock. They have stones in them. He likes to shake 'em and crush 'em and toss 'em. He even has a couple of balls out there to play with. Because it's not just a paddock, it's a toy room!

And he LOVES the attention. He loves Kayleigh. He loves every body. Can you believe it's the end of November, in the Midwest and my kid is in SHORTS? Crazy global warming.

He even loves his water!Splish splash! He isn't one of those dainty lip drinkers. He dunks his face in the tank...this summer, he'd dunk past his nostrils and blow bubbles.

Don't get too close to Gabe and his noodle! He will whack ya with it. Wow. He's dirty. Why do I always get the horses who LOVE their mud baths? Ugh.


  1. I love the last pic of him carrying the noodle! How cute!
    Klein is also definitely NOT a dainty drinker.

  2. How funny he likes that noodle, and all his toys. He's got an active mind of play that one!

    I need to put something in my mare's field...something like large cones or a box she may get on...when ever Ileave her in the arena and there is something up like a poll jump or some cones...she straddles them between her back legs and moves them is quite hilarious.Lastr time I had the whell barrel full of crap and she decided to straddle it..thought she
    would dump it all out for me there!

  3. Beamer loves his toys, too. His favorite thing to do is to throw them over the fence so you can throw them back in for him to throw out again, etc., etc.! How did you make out with the starving horses? Anyone taking action yet?

  4. I bet Gabe is tricky to ride! To remain the most interesting thing in his environment must ba a challenge!

  5. I think that Gabe should come on over and spend a couple of months at our barn - you just gotta know that my Ladde and your Gabe would be the dynamic duo!! Ladde just could not ever ask for a better barn buddy. I am going to have to get creative and get him some toys to keep his mind active. This stall confinement is already starting to wear on my boy's attitude - he does get outside for a few hours split between am and pm each day, but he just looks bored. Any ideas??
    We had some very warm weather this past weekend too - t shirt weather for us and the horses with their shaggy coats were all sweat and lazy! Too weird...

  6. I thought I was the only person who played with their horses with a noodle. It makes a great training tool too.

  7. Stacey...I think he does cute stuff on purpose, especially when he knows people are watching. He's such a ham.

    Allhorsestuff...I've been looking for the big, construction zone cones because I'd like to put some out with Gabe to play with and use them for training. All I can find are those little bitty ones. With as many construction zones as they have around here...I really wonder if they'd miss a few cones? hmmm. Your mare sounds like she needs some toys!

    Shirley...They have locked them out of the pasture I have access to and the horses are now up near their house behind the barn and a bunch of trees. I can't see them without trespassing. I did make another call to the police and to animal control, but, because I can't see them, I don't know if they've done anything.

    Cara...I haven't officially ridden him yet. I've sat on him and we've been working on standing still at the mounting block, but between the crappy weather, mud and short days, my training sessions with him have seriously slacked off. It's quite frustrating! I thought for sure we'd be out hacking around the countryside by now! I know he will be a challenge, but not a bad challenge, one of those fun, stay on your toes challenges and I'm definitely looking forward to it.

    C-ingspots...I'll bet poor Ladde is bored out of his skull! I know Gabe would be if he were on stall rest! Does he have a ball in his stall? How about some bleach bottles/milk jugs filled with pebbles that he can shake? I've known people who keep their stall-bound horses entertained by taking one of those Jolly Balls and cutting a small hole in in then stuffing horse treats (chunks of carrots, other treats, etc) in the ball so the horse really has to work to get the treat out of the ball. It keeps 'em busy for hours! You could try that.

    Cindy...Gabe loves his noodle! I also use it as an extension of my arm for training and I can move him all over the place with it, I just have to be sure I don't let the little turkey steal it from me. He's been known to swipe it and take off to the other end of the pasture with it, taunting me to come play with him and take it back.

  8. HI everyone :)
    My OH's hores also loves his toys..but he's still very coltish :P
    The biggest toy he plays with atthe moment is my cob lol..he seems to think other horses are just there to entertain him ....and he wonders why they dont like him !