Sunday, November 23, 2008

A mini barn-raising

What we have here is an almost completed run-in shed for the Gabe-ster. You know, the one he has made nearly impossible to build because he keeps stealing tools and various other supplies? Or just gets in the way and makes a complete pain in the butt of himself?

Robert is now calling him "Your big toddler." Because that's what he is. A great big, curious, pain in the patootie toddler! But he's such a cute toddler!

All that's left to do is put on the roof, paint the sides and throw about six inches of crushed rock in there. We are using SunTuf for the roofing. I picked dark green panels and they are opaque to let in a little bit of light. I think horses are more likely to use a run-in on their own if it doesn't look too much like a great big cave...light helps make it more inviting. Because the panels are a polycarbonate material it's cheaper, and lighter, than steel roofing. Plus, tons easier to install! It's rated to handle the snow/ice in our area and also warranted against hail damage, which is a bonus! The sides will be painted barn red.

We expect to get it done Thursday or Friday. Gabe is already checking it out and I've busted him chasing the chickens out of his new house. I guess he doesn't like visitors!


  1. From reading your very entertaining comments about your Gabe, I feel like I already know him and definitely love him!! He reminds me of my Ladde. Goofy horses!

  2. Yea a run in Stall for Gabe!
    I sure like mine where I board. How big is your stall?

    Are you going to feed him there too...hay net/rack or on the ground?
    Do tell all.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  3. c-ing spots...he is probably one of the most entertaining horses I've ever been around. He's quite the character. Your Ladde does sound much the is he taking the stall rest? I'll bet he's bored out of his mind by now!

    allhorsestuff...I think he's going to like it..he's already hanging out in there and it doesn't even have a roof yet! The stall is 10'X14'. I wanted it 12'X14', but the roofing panels only come in 12' lengths and we needed room for a bit of overhang on the front and back.

    I'll feed his grain in there, but his hay will stay outside in the free-standing manger my husband built. If it's really icky out, I'll toss they hay in the shed, but he is such a pig with his hay I know he'll make a mess out of it and pee all over it in no time!

    Eventually we'll put a gate on it so I can keep him in when it's nasty, but for now, he'll just be able to wander. I prefer them being able to wander and be outside 24/7. I believe it's healthier for them.

    Happy Thanksgiving!