Thursday, December 4, 2008

Catching up

The world, it's froze. The mud, it's froze. My hands and nose, they're froze. But Gabe, Chief and Calypso? They are FUZZY and warm!

Robert finally got the roof on Gabe's run-in Wednesday afternoon (yay!) and I bedded it with straw. Robert insisted that Gabe wouldn't use it, he'd just stand out in the elements and the run-in would go to waste. I assured him he was wrong, he was convinced he was right.

Care to guess who was correct? Any guesses? No? Okay, I'll tell ya. I was right! I went out to feed this morning and Gabe's fuzzy coat had all kinds of straw stuck to it. His tail is twined with straw and I could tell where he bedded down in the run-in last night. Yay! I knew he'd use it. Do I know that silly horse or what?

I am absolutely hating this weather. It has been so cloudy, overcast and dark out for the past couple of weeks that I haven't been able to get crap done with any of the horses. Kayleigh and I rode three days in a row over Thanksgiving break and it was fabulous. Of course, it rained the last two days of our break. Boo! Kayleigh is really taking after her ole mom...she refuses to ride with a saddle when it's cold out. I can't say I blame her, Chief's fuzzy back is MUCH warmer than her saddle. She's even trotting bareback and getting much, much more confident in her riding skills.

Something really weird happened to Calypso after one of our rides. We had a nice, easy ride and were out for almost an hour riding through the fallow fields and our woods. She was good, Chief was good. It was windy and chilly, but not horrid. We got back, untacked, groomed and grazed them on the frozen grass then put them back in the paddock. Calypso was fine. Immediately after we turned them out I went back inside to get their dinners ready and came back out to feed. It wasn't more than 5 minutes between turn out and feeding and in that time Calypso was drag-leg lame on her front right. She wouldn't put much weight on it and she couldn't seem to bend the knee at all. I felt for heat or swelling and checked to make sure she hadn't picked up a rock. Nothing. She ate fine and her respiration and heart rate were normal for her. About an hour or so after her being three-legged lame, she was fine. No indication at all that she couldn't walk just 60 minutes earlier. Odd. I wonder if she twisted it trotting down to her feed tub, or maybe Chief kicked her in those scant five minutes? I dunno. I have been keeping an eye on her in the meantime and checking for heat, swelling or a racing pulse in her feet, nothing.

It almost feels like this nasty weather and the shorter days are in cahoots against me. Every time I think I'll be able to get out and work or ride Gabe, it turns nasty or the ground is frozen. I have a feeling this winter is going to be very, very long and very, very frustrating for me in terms of working with Gabe and getting him ready for spring riding. *sigh* Such is life, I suppose.


  1. Glad to hear Gabe is enjoying his new bed!! And thanks for the ideas about toys. Ladde is doing ok - he gets out several hours a day in the roundpen and he always has a barn buddy. All horses are on a rotational shift - they take turns at babysitting! :) I will definitely get one of those balls and maybe try the milk jugs too - he loves to make noise!! Calypso (hope I got the name right) probably did something to the leg while rolling or bumped it or something. I'll bet it passes because you've definitely covered your bases by checking everything out that you could. Fingers crosed for you!! xx

  2. Sounds cold at your house! bbrrrr
    Bet you're right about her leg, a quick kick or a little twist. Did you happen to check your heart rate at that time also? My guess is that yours was racing! A suddenly lame horse is a fright isn't it? So glad that Gabe loves his shelter.
    Hang in there, summer is just around the corner.

  3. Just stumbled across your blog today. I think we are "weather soul sisters". My blog is full of complaints about the wind, gray November, first snow... all the things I hate about Nebraska. I love the seasons, but just wish this one were a little shorter! I'm counting down until Dec. 20 when the days start getting longer again! Short term goals - the only thing to get me through this hell!

  4. whoa! I just took a pic of "the Sun" from my lesson yesterday to post...becasue today -so far- has far been the nastiest day this winter here...grey blowy,cold and getting the 20's I gues...YUK..but it'll be done soon! Hang in!
    Hope the mare is not exibiting anymore wierd lame signs! Maybe she jsut hit her funny-ponyy-bone!

    You should make a doorway swag for your horsey ornaments!Take a few pics..wanna see them!

  5. wanted to glad you were right on Gabe's indoor stall bedroom accomodations and his like of them! makes Hubby haooy for the work he put into it. I love it that he had straw all over him.
    My mares,I don't think lay down in the run in stalls....I think for Christmas...I am going to get a few bags of Cedar shavings to put in there for fluffy bedding...see if I can detect them down in them at is the indoor manuer pile and favorite P-ing local

  6. c-ingspots...I'm glad he loves his run-in, too! Makes me happy to look out the kitchen window and seeing him napping in there. Calypso is much better, so whatever it was is temporary. Whew! is VERY cold. And muddy. And icy. And I. Hate. It. When I saw Calypso suddenly go three-legged lame all kinds of horrible things went through my's terrifying when they do that! Makes me want to wrap them all up in bubble-wrap and never let them out of it!

    Tammy...I complain all winter long. I too am counting down the days to the longest night of the year...because the light just continues increasing after that! I grew up in Kansas, so I know exactly the kind of winters you are going through. Illinois isn't as cold, we don't get as much snow, but the mud and the ice are unending. And you just can't do much in mud. I'll ride in snow, but the mud is just...well it's awful.

    allhorsestuff...I saw the pic of your lesson sun...send some of that golden goodness our way! I can't remember the last time we saw the sun, it's getting quite depressing. Gabe has been spending a lot of time in his run-in, I'm glad for that! But surprisingly, he's actually been walking outside of it to poop and pee. He's quite fastidious about the cleanliness of his run-in...yay! I'll bet your girls would love a load of shavings in their shed...if for nothing more than to get a good roll in.