Friday, November 14, 2008


Things I LOVE about fall and winter:
1. Cooler nights
2. Cooler days
3. Frost on the grass in the morning
4. Snorty, prancy horses
5. That unmistakable smell of fall leaves
6. The sparkle of ice on tree limbs in the morning sun
7. No bugs
8. No 100-degree, 99% humidity days
9. A crackling fire in the fireplace
10. Fuzzy, soft, fluffy horses

Things I HATE about fall and winter:
1. Short days
2. Early darkness
3. Frozen water troughs
4. Frozen, pitted, hard-to-walk-through paddocks
5. Mud
6. Mud
7. No grass
8. Very little riding (see #1, #2, #5 and #6)
9. Icy roads
10. Power outages


  1. You silly girl!! But I wholeheartedly agree, except I like it when the ground freezes, then magically - no mud - tada!!
    Hate the short days, long nights, makes me a sad girl - oh ya, and the horses all have to come inside everynight and that means lots and lots of poop scooping - don't really like that either. :(

  2. Wait. What's fall...and what's winter again?

  3. C-ingspots...yeah, that's true. What would be ideal is if it would freeze right AFTER it rains so we don't end up with frozen hoofprint craters all over the paddocks. I've never really been adversely affected by the shorter days, but this year, I can already feel a bit o'depression starting to sneak in.

    Stacey...ROFL! My mom just got back from a trip to Hawaii (Kauai, mostly), she went riding and kayaking and hiking and loved it. I'm getting to see all those wonderful green, warm pictures and I must say, I'm quite envious at the moment! You lucky snow, no ice, no COLD!

  4. I love fall too, but I'd have to add to the things I don't like about winter-
    1.Ice on the water trough
    2.Icy ground especially in the spring when there is a thaw/freeze cycle

  5. Oh yes, that smell of leaves lately has been sooo sweet in the nostrils...
    And yesterdays mare was very snorty and butt got a work out from the involuntary tightening when I thought she'd keep on going when she spooked...the woods were a very spookey place yesterday.
    I have to say my Pea gravel exspenditure will be saving a bunch of pain and worry over the horses n ot being able to walk over the mudd/peaks...still have the frozen aspect of the water trough though..Gonna see iof the woner will let me put a regulated heater in it.

    Hang in...take your 2,000 IU Vita
    D3 it has really helped me thus far.

  6. I love fall and winter. Sorry....