Thursday, June 16, 2011

Teen Me vs. Grown-up Responsible Me

My kid is going to be gone for the next few weeks, of course, it's during a time when the mud is finally drying up and the weather is decent again. We have been planning for months to take Chief and Gabe out to a nearby horse campground/park/trails and spend an entire day and evening riding, grilling lunch and just having a good day.

This weekend would have been perfect except for one thing: She's going to be at her dad's. I still want to go and take advantage of this lovely weather but I have a conundrum: I'm a wee bit wary of taking Gabe to a brand new place out in the middle of nowhere alone.

The teenage horse fanatic in me says "Screw it! Just go and have a blast!" because that's the kind of fearless, care-free, give-a-damn rider I was in my teen years and early 20s.

However, the more mature, responsible me is saying "Well, I don't know if that's a very wise thing to do. It could be dangerous. What if you get dumped? What if he's horrible, ditches your ass and runs away? What if...what if...what if...?"

Ugh. I've had next-to-impossible luck with trying to arrange having friends go riding with me (horse friends). Everyone always seems to be busy on the best days to ride and don't want to go or can't go.

I just don't know what to do. Go? Stay? Ride at home instead? That big guy needs more miles under his girth, miles that are far away from home with all kinds of new views, new sounds, new surroundings.

I guess I'll just have to make that decision Saturday when I get up in the morning and see how brave/foolish/carefree I'm feeling.


  1. I'd suggest going, but don't make a Thing of it. Don't get it built up in your head that you're going to X Park and you're going to ride the Blue Trail and he's going to behave, dammit! Just go, and if you get a bad feeling about his brain when you unload, well, hand walk him for a while. Maybe you ride, maybe you just give him some solo trailer practice. :)

  2. There are no requirements or must dos - do what you think would be fun and interesting, no more no less, and listen to the small voice of sanity (related to, but different from the voice of anxiety) at all times. And whatever you decide to do, don't worry that you didn't do the other thing, and enjoy yourself.

  3. Funder and Kate have given you excellent advice!

    I would only add, that if you stay in the mindset of "how can I help my horse" things should go well no matter what you two do together :)

  4. Hope you have a great ride- sometimes it's wonderful when it's just you and your horse and the great outdoors. I actually like riding alone, no distractions and you can really focus on all the nuances of your horse and your ride. Have fun!

  5. My two cents worth, take them both, two saddles, ride quiet the old boy 1/2 way while ponying Gabe, then if he is all settled, switch ponies for the ride back. Gives them both the miles, safer for you to see how Gabe will act on his first trail ride away from home and you'll get funny comments from others.... 'hey did you lose a rider?'

  6. I'm not much help cuz I like to have someone along when I go out and about. I have the same issue - not many want to go out and about.

    Feels like insurance to me tho' I went all over the place on my own as a kid too.