Friday, June 3, 2011

1,100 pounds of beast, tamed

I think Gabe missed me. I really do. Life has been so very hectic lately that just about the only time I've had to see him is during feeding time and their nightly fly-spraying. Wednesday he was kind of moping around a bit and I kept a closer than usual eye on him thinking maybe he was trying to colic on me.

Thursday he was a little more chipper, but just not his normal perky self. But as soon as he saw me heading out to the pasture with the halter, the ears pricked up and he came trotting hard and strong towards me, neck arched, tail high and draped over his rump like a crazy Arab.

He pushed his head into my chest and asked for scratches and I complied. I picked handful of ticks off his face and scratched deep into his ears (his favorite spot) and he groaned and lost his balance more than once. I think his eyes rolled so far back in his head he saw his brain. The ticks are HORRIBLE this year. I've never picked ticks off my horses before, but this year, I'm pulling at least 10 each off faces during the nightly fly-spray down. It's disgusting.

Gabe has never been very patient when it comes to just standing still for grooming or waiting or anything. Last night, he stood like a rock while I groomed and tacked. He walked without flinching over a tarp (pool cover) tossed on the ground and walked quietly past the new chicken run without giving it the stink eye.

He was on his very best behavior, I don't know if it was because he missed our time together or he just didn't want to put forth the effort to be a turd.

The ride can only be described in one word: Incredible.

The last time I rode we worked on his response to my cues to trot and canter. He's sticky off the cues and often dribbles down to Western pleasure horse paces if I don't keep on him. A lot of the last lesson stuck and I only had to remind him a couple of times to keep going at the pace I set.

Our canters were wonderful....springy, forward, fluid and he carried himself rounded, which is so delightful to ride. I could ride that canter all day long.

It was so very nice to be in the saddle again, I truly missed it and could tell by my deteriorating attitude towards the world that I needed my horse time.

I got it, and life once again is fabulous!


  1. hehehe, I can send you a nice 'western pleasure' saddle; or how would you like a nice forward grey tb mare?, I can send you one of those too.... *snicker*

  2. Ah, life is good when you ride a good horse.

  3. "Deteriorating attitude towards the world," indeed.

    Bar is incredibly helpful when it comes to reminding me that it's okay if people are lame, he is awesome.

    Most days, anyway. Even if it's just awesome at nuzzling.

  4. Yay for horsey time! I'm in need of it...badly! It's been over 3 months since I've seen my monster. :-(

  5. Kathy...I'd give that grey mare a whirl. :) But I don't need no stinkin' western pleasure saddle! HEHEHE!!!

    Shirley...horses make everything in life better that's for sure.

    Jessica...they definitely have a way of making us look at everything in the world a little differently. Sometimes, even just burying my nose in a neck and inhaling that wonderful horsey smell can make a bad day better. time is the best time! I don't get nearly as much of it as I'd like. Fortunately mine are in the backyard so I can at least look at them even if I don't always have the time to ride them. Get out there and get some good horse time!