Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Early morning visitors

We had a visitor on the farm this morning...the gorgeous guy came visiting with his two girlfriends.

He even raised that plumage to show off for a bit.

The horses, while appropriately impressed with his dance and that gigantic tail, got riled up and I'm sure they just knew he was a horse eating monster. All three of them were flagging tails, snorting and prancing around the pasture, but they sure were interested in him.

As long as he kept his distance, of course.


  1. They are pretty, but oh what a raucous call they have!

  2. They do, but I oddly love their "scream." I especially love it at night when they are a bit further away from the house in the woods, it sounds so exotic. I have a few guineas too and they are super loud, but I love 'em.

  3. Awesome! Years ago I was driving out to the barn and saw a few peacocks on the side of the road. I called my friend up and told her what I had seen. She asked if I was drinking or taking drugs...lol. We live in North Dakota so seeing them outside of a zoo is odd.

  4. Yeah, I don't imagine these tropical birds do very well out in the wild up there in the frigid north! They do pretty well here with shelter in the winter, but it doesn't get nearly as cold as N. Dakota.

    They belong to the neighbors but have been wandering our way more frequently. I know there are at least five females and two males out there somewhere and I'd love for them to stick around. If they don't, I'm strongly considering a couple of my own next spring. They are supposed to be pretty good at protecting your chickens from predators, and I have a predator problem at the moment.

  5. There were Guineas next door for a while when Val first arrived - they scared the living daylights out of him... and he never even saw them. :)

  6. I've never heard that they keep predators from chickens! you really do learn something new every day!
    It's werid thinking about what anaimals, other than the obvious dogs, that are used as guardians. A friend of mine has lamas in his herd of cattle. They will kill a coyote. I'd never in a million years think that a lama would do that!

  7. Calm,Forward,Straight....I already had chickens when the guineas arrived so the horses don't even give them a second look. The chickens will jump right up into feed tubs and try to share the horse's dinner and they just don't care. Goofy animals.

    Goodtimetoreview...yup, they are quite good at keeping things like foxes and 'coons away and like guineas, warn of overhead predators (hawks, owls). I've heard donkeys are very good "watch dogs" in herds, too. Llamas are used as guardians quite a bit with sheep and cattle out west.