Friday, March 6, 2009

Oooh, the sun! The warmth! Howdy, spring!

Oh my, I'm loving this weather! Finally, something I can work in. Although it was incredibly windy (wind advisories and all) Thursday, I still opted to work Gabe. He has to be able to work and listen under all circumstances, right? He was wonderful. Sure, he was a looky-loo at everything and really listening to the trees creak and groan in the wind, but he was also listening to me.

I worked him on the long reins, lots of direction and pace changes, around cones, backing up, a little bit of side passing. We had foam on the lips and lots of good slobber and chewing the bit softly. He was really, really listening and using himself. This horse is going to be pretty talented at dressage, I think, as long as I can keep that movement pure and not screw it up by getting in his way. And he's brave, very brave, so I think I finally found my eventer! Yay!

Kayleigh has a lesson tonight and I'm hoping they will ride outside. It's about 70 out already and beautiful and I know she's about sick and tired of riding in that teeny tiny indoor at the barn. It's not nearly as windy today as it was yesterday. Her first show is next weekend and she is already giddy about it. I only registered her for two classes, walk/trot equitation classes because she's not quite ready for cantering in a group! Every day she can ride she's been out riding and really pushing herself on the equitation thing. She'll ride a school horse instead of Chief at this show. With her only riding in two classes I decided it would just be easier to stick her on a school horse instead of hauling Chief to the barn and futzing with all that. I don't know if he's ever been in an arena with more than one horse at a time and I really don't want to find out he can't handle it at her first show! How disappointing that would be for her. So, we'll stick with a nice, safe, seasoned schoolie this time. The barn she rides at is holding several shows this season, all reasonably priced, and depending on the first show and how much she likes it we may be showing at least once, maybe twice, a month this year.

I'd really like to show Gabe and take some lessons on him at an eventer/jumper barn about 45 min. away from us, but that requires a horse trailer. And I don't have one, yet. Damned economy. I could probably finance one, but my job is kind of questionable at the moment and I just won't put my family in debt when things are uncertain. Maybe next year. I do have a friend who has offered the use of her trailer, I may take her up on that from time to time this season. We'll see.


  1. That's great that you were able to work Gabe in those windy conditions. My mom's TB is super spooky and really sensitive to sound. The second time I ever rode Ace was actually during a major windstorm from Hurricane Ike back in Sept. I didn't quite realize how bad it was, just that the arena was creaking and flapping like crazy. But Ace didn't even bat an eye. He's definitely more sensitive to movement than sound!

  2. Can't wait to hear how the show went.