Monday, December 29, 2008


Anyone who has been around horses for awhile has certainly heard the "I'll keep in contact, see how you two get along," comment when a horse is sold. It's usually just an expected nicety the seller utters to make the sale. No one really expects the former owner to check up on the horse he/she sold.

And in the Thoroughbred industry, breeders and trainers who don't keep track of their horses after is sale is pretty common. They just want the non-money makers out of the barn and off the expense sheet as soon as possible so they can get a wage-earner in that spot. Some race tracks in the east have even started penalizing and banning trainers whose horses are found in kill pens at auctions. Good for them for making them responsible for the horses they are "ditching."

Anyway, when I bought Gabe his owner said she'd keep in contact and would like updates on him. I kept in contact the first month and the second month, I sent her photos and kept her updated on his progress. Then I just kind of forgot about it.

Last night she called me, inquiring about him, asking how he's doing, how we are getting along and requesting some more pictures of him.

That just doesn't happen often enough, especially in the world of race horses.

You bet I was THRILLED to talk about the newest love of my life. People at work have learned not to ask about my horses. *grin* They get more information than they really wanted. Hehe! She got all the silly details about his delightful personality, I filled her in on his progress and about how much my entire family has come to just adore the big wonderful guy and I think she was more than happy to listen to me gush about him for awhile.

Thank goodness for the few out there in the horse industry who are like her...the ones who truly do care where their horses end up when they just don't fit into their particular program any longer. When I went out to look at him (and subsequently put a downpayment on him) she said she absolutely adored him, but knew he didn't like his job as a racehorse.

"I just can't keep asking him to do a job he hates," she explained. "I know he has the ability to do it, I know he can run, he just doesn't want to. His heart isn't in it. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to wake up every morning to do a job I hated and I don't want to do that to him."

Truer words never spoken. I just hope he likes his new job as a pleasure horse more than he liked racing!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Gabe is gorgeous. I did not grow up around horses -- the two I have now are my first. What an adventure!

    Hope you will stop by again sometime.

  2. What a neat lady! By the looks of Gabe, I'd have a hard time forgetting about him too.

    I'm pretty quiet around most people. Not shy. Just introspective. However, people at work have learned that the quickest way to get me talking is to ask about my horses.

  3. Gabe certainly had a good owner the first recognize that he needed someting different, someting more for him. Now he has that with you...such a great match!
    That was really nice to hear!


  4. Wow!! I have had enough horses pass through my stable to know that is so often a throw away comment, one made bythe old owner to feel good about what they are doing.
    Most of the time they just want the "problem" gone and away so they can start all over again I too jaded by horse people ...dy'think ;)
    Good on her for keeping tabs on the big guy...and how cool for you to have an "I-love-gabe" fan for your gushings XD

  5. The first few years after we got into horses, we bought and sold quite a few - trying to find that "perfect horse". By the time it was all said & done, we ended up with the first 3 we bought, that mare's filly & another mare we bought from a friend. Of the horses we sold, I know where 3 are right now and know I'd be invited to see them anytime. And those three I felt were special. A few of the others, I am mildly curious about, but won't pursue.

    Through buying & selling horses, I've met some people who are now good friends. That's a bonus, too!

  6. The cowboy who trained and sold us our horses has kept in touch with us and has invited us to bring the horses over for a tune-up in the spring. He matched us up with his horses and he likes to keep track of the fit. It does make a difference to us, as well.