Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mounting block extraordinaire!

When I asked my overachieving husband to build me a mounting block, I imagined something kind of like this one: He is not the kind of man who does anything half-assed. When he heard "mounting block," he thought something far different than what I had in mind. We weren't on the same "mounting block" page. I thought I had explained to him pretty much what I wanted "like, a few steps that I can stand on to get on."

Okay. Maybe I wasn't very clear in my instructions, that happens a lot.

I must say, while my new mounting "block" isn't exactly what I expected, I am not unhappy with it at all. In fact, it makes a lot of sense for a horse that won't stand stock still while mounting. Have you ever had one of those horses that likes to shift forwards or back, and you have to climb down off the block (or bucket, as I've been using), move the thing, and try again?

Yup, I won't be doing that anymore with this king of all mounting platforms!
It's two and a half feet tall, and the platform itself is 2.5' wide and about 3' long.

The girls like it and Kayleigh seems to think it's her private sunbathing platform and new clubhouse. It's quite roomy underneath! (Please ignore the state of the swimming hasn't been closed for the season yet and is quite icky.)

Those who know me well know I don't have very conservative tastes when it comes to colors for my horses. I'm all about the purple. I have purple wraps, saddle pads, half chaps, a crochet fly thing for the horses' ears and even a purple dressage whip! So, of course, I had to have a purple mounting platform. There was no question about that. Kayleigh and I spent about an hour giving it two coats of paint.

Ta-da! All ready for use!


  1. It is truly a thing of beauty. Come to think of it, I think I've got a purple riding crop somewhere myself. Lostine's blanket is purple, she has purple splint boots and a purple halter. I'm starting to collect flourescent green now too.

  2. Hubby did real good job on your block. It sure will make it lots easer to get up on Gabe now. How does Gabe like it?

    Your girls looking good also. Tell them "Hi, for me"


  3. A haha!
    My first time here...and I am so impressed with your husbands effort!
    That is quite the block!Purple too!
    Well, mine would have been RED WHITE and BLUE! Cause I ride an all American mare!
    see you around!

  4. Nuzzling muzzles...thank ya! It's funny that you mentioned the green...hubby said he liked the way the bright green paint can looked against the purple. Me, I prefer bright gold with the purple.

    Grma...I worked with Gabe around the block this weekend. He didn't mind it at all. I leaned across him bareback with just a halter and rope and he was good. He didn't want to stand very still and kept moving back and forth and around, but the block didn't phase him at all.

    allhorsestuff...welcome! It is the king of all blocks...but not very portable and I'm definitely not going to lose it any time soon.

  5. Whoa! That is a doozy! Looks solid enough to load horses on to the back of semi truck. You are one lucky broad. No kidding.

  6. OH MY GOODNESS! WHAT A GREAT JOB SIL! 'The Block' needs a name, like that fancy hen house of yours.

  7. Great job on the mounting block! THat one is not going to tip on you if you stand on the wrong spot! Give your hubby a high five from me. Purple is ok, but it needs a racing stripe!