Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Eager to GO!

Remember last year when I was having a heck of a time convincing His Majesty to even get near my trailer, much less put a single hoof into its scary interior?

That was frustrating. I worked and worked and worked with him and while we had some forward progress, he was still balking every time he saw the trailer, even if it was just us riding near it. He was still flying out of it backwards before he ever got all the way on and when he did get two feet on, he'd stand there and shake before flying backwards.

I'm am so, so pleased to report I now have another, more positive "problem."

I can't keep Gabe away from the dang thing when it's pulled out into the driveway, hooked up to the truck and the back gate wide open.

I have to fight him to convince him to NOT go charging into the thing, I have to walk him in circles to keep him from leaping aboard while we wait for Teddy to get loaded and situated in the trailer.

Last weekend we took them out and he was so eager to jump aboard he just about pulled me off my feet in his need to load up and go.

This makes me happy. Very happy! Not only did he get over his irrational fear of the trailer, he has also come to associate the trailer with good things. Which means he must really enjoy our outings. Yay! I must have done something right!


  1. Awesome! Nothing like an eager, happy horse.

  2. It's amazing what you can accomplish in a year! Well done!!!

  3. Ours too! And it is a good feeling. Not long ago I had Rock loose in the yard grazing and I had opened the trailer to clean out some tack. Went looking for that mare later and found her self-loaded in the trailer, no food in the manger, she was just standing there expectantly....