Saturday, November 24, 2012

All out of excuses

Ooooh, boy.

It's that time of year when I start feeling like a fair weather rider again. And I really have no excuse this year. Last year, I could blame it on not having lights in the arena: I can't ride when it's dark!

Not this year. I have lights so I can ride any freakin' time I feel like it.

Which is the problem. When it starts getting downright cold and windy, I don't really feel like it. I could have gone riding yesterday: I had the day off, it was sunny and not freeze-your-butt-off cold. But dang, it was WINDY and that wind was whipping right through me and chilling me to the bone.

So, I didn't ride and I felt guilty about it all evening, beating myself up for being a wussy fair weather rider.

All summer (spring and fall, too) long, when the weather is amenable, I make claims that I don't mind riding in the cold. And really, I don't, if I can convince myself to get out there and get on. It's the getting out and there and getting on that's the challenge. Once I'm on and riding the cold is no big thing (until you dismount, of course, and land on frozen feet that feel like every bone has shattered when you hit the ground).

We haven't even had much rain this year, so I can't use the mud as an excuse.

I have lights, I have a dry and usable arena, I have warm clothes and gloves and a hat - I have no more excuses!

Today, I will ride when I get home from work. Even if it's for just a short time, I will ride and I will be happy that I did.


  1. *Grin* You sound just like me! I love your resolve and can't wait to hear about your ride. If you are like me... you will feel so much better afterwards, and wonder why you don't do it more often!

  2. I was actually talking myself out of riding on my drive home from dark, so cold. Then, I talked to my husband, who had read my post, and he told me the arena lights were on and warming up and my horse was ready to go. No more excuses!

    I rode for a bit more than half an hour and Gabe was wonderful. I'm glad I rode and I felt so much better that I did.