Tuesday, August 2, 2011

While we swelter...

We've been under an excessive heat warning for almost a month, here, in the Midwest. Heat indexes between 105 and 115 many days. It's too damned miserable to do any kind of riding. My only goal for the past few weeks has been keeping the horses as cool and healthy as possible in this miserable crap. It hasn't been easy. Gabe will stand for hours in the sprinkler, but Chief and Calypso want nothing to do with it and prefer to stand in the sun practically panting and dripping sweat.

The only thing I can do is keep their water cool, hose them off and do as much as I can to keep the horrible, horrible bugs away.

In the meantime, my kid is waaay out west enjoying lots of California sunshine, (hot, but not humid. What a world of difference that makes!) mountains, trail riding and camping with her Nana, aunt and cousin!

See what the kid has been up to!


  1. No matter what the season, there always seems to be something that keeps us from riding and enjoying quality time with our horses. Snow, ice, rain. mud, heat and humidity, wind.... it's a conspiracy, I tell ya!

  2. It has been hotter than usual and very humid for my area of the country. I did get a short ride in this morning - it was overcast, so at least the sun wasn't beating down on me!

  3. Our weather here in Northern (coastal) CA is great, I admit. The fog keeps the heat at bay, etc. My riding challenge is getting out of work at a reasonable time! Urgh.