Monday, August 22, 2011


I have to remind myself that although the sweltering, icky, yucky, horrible hot SUCKS....

The alternative is worse:

Because while hot is hot is hot, cold is just MISERABLE and a whole lot more work to deal with. Cold toes, cold nose, frozen horses, frozen mud holes, ice, more ice, snow...brrrrr....

Nope. I'm not ready for winter yet. I know I should be getting ready and get that hay shed filled, but it's an admission that winter, yes, it's coming.

And it can take its own sweet time for all I care. Fall, on the other hand, I am ready for fall!


  1. Oh, I am with you about winter. I mean... if it were one glorious incredible storm... that would be fun. But it seems to go on and on and on! Oh well, we can't control it so might as well enjoy what we have!

  2. Love your blog!!! Proud to list you as one of my favorites on my blog! Thanks for the humor and the sweet stories!

  3. Hello! I just came upon your blog today! I, too have to remind myself that as much as summer can be a pain, winter is awful! Snow is only fun for a minute!

    Let's enjoy fall while we can!