Friday, October 29, 2010

My little helper...


Accomplishing farm tasks, in the pasture, is pretty darn near impossible with Gabe sticking his nose up in my business the entire time.

But I don't mind so much, not really. Even as much as I complain and call him all kinds of names during his nosiness, I kind of like that he chooses to be with me when I'm in the pasture and not the other horses.

He's not TOO pushy. Definitely not rude or scary. Just....curious, as all good horses should be.

Hmm...what have we here? A bucket of stuff? What's the stuff? Can I eat it?

What do you mean there are no peppermints here? Really? You're kidding right?

Oooh...this is yummy! Yes, the brute left teeth marks on the drill. He's like a baby...everything goes in his mouth at some point. I have to be extra diligent about keeping noxious/poisonous weeds out of the pastures because the dang fool has been witnessed EATING THEM!

Have hammer, will travel! He has been known to clock me in the head with the hammer...and has hit himself with it once or twice. I don't know what his deal is, but once he has it in his teeth he like to swing it around.

I did manage to get the gate up...took probably twice as long as it should have and it hangs a bit crooked...but it's up nonetheless! Thanks for your help, big guy!


  1. thank you, my daughter and I giggled thru your post. She says we have a horse almost exactly like that (and they're probably related, right?...I added that.)

  2. How helpful! Now to teach him how to hammer a nail!

  3. We were dragging piles of leaves through the pasture on a large tarp yesterday and our silly colt had to help by grabbing the tarp in his teeth and pulling. No pictures though, yours are great!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    I too have a "helpful" horse. Handles tools... stands by while I'm on the ladder. Looks a lot like Gabriel too!

  5. Hence the reason Bar was not in his pen during the renovation. I can only imagine the comments. "Wait, a little more gravel over there, please." "Hang on, let me help you smooth that bit out."

    At least you got it done, though!