Sunday, October 3, 2010

Farm never ends (but I love it!)

How did you spend your weekend?

My plan was to ride both Gabe and Calypso each Saturday and Sunday. But, best laid plans...blah blah blah.

Neither got ridden but I am still sore and exhausted.

Instead, I spent the weekend putting up fence around the last big pasture. It hasn't been mowed since mid-summer so the grass is tall, thick and absolutely gorgeous. There is enough grass there that I'm going to get at least another full month of solid grazing in before I have to start feeding those poop machines any hay at all.

Of course, putting up fence is never simple for me. Putting up fence IS simple, but for me, there's always something that makes it not so simple. I had to clear a pretty good path through the woods for the fence, then, ended up spending well over an hour untangling at least a 1/2 mile of electric rope that I made the mistake of letting my kiddo carry out to the pasture. Oh. Joy. That'll learn me. Next time, she can carry the spool, I'll carry the "loose" fencing.

Once I got all the posts set and the insulators on, it is a breeze putting up the rope, that took a little over and hour. And when I turned the horses out on it you would have thought they'd gone to heaven! Running and bucking and farting and checking out the new digs and looking like a small herd of babies just being SILLY! I love it when they behave like that. I could spend all day just watching them be horses. It makes my heart laugh.

Fence posts along the backside of the woods. They eventually head into the woods....this was tricky as I had to figure out how to best, and most safely, navigate the fence up and down a pretty good sized ravine.

The easier line to set...nice and straight, flat and even.

Oooh...where does this go? OMG! We've never seen this part before! RUN!!!! BUCK!!! SQUEAL LIKE GIRLS!

Keep in mind...Gabe is 16.2hh. That's some grass. I kept waiting to find a small village of people living in there somewhere.

And just in case any rabid squirrels attempted to carry me off to their evil little squirrel villages, I brought along my own personal protector.


  1. Job well done! That little girlie sure is growing like a weed. I did get some good riding and ground work in. We had to put up a little fece today too. Deer are devouring my rose garden; lazy dogs aren't earning their room and board lately.

  2. I know what you mean about watching them play. Horse TV never gets old!

    Looks like your fence came out nicely.