Saturday, November 21, 2009

Three big piggies

I'm not much of a betting person.

Occasionally, I go to the track to watch the ponies run and I blow a few bucks on the filly in my favorite colored silks.

But today, I'm willing to bet my horses are dirtier than yours. It's a fine art, and they have it perfected. The week's worth of nonstop rain has certainly aided their quest for ultimate dirtiness.

I mean, really. Come on, Gabe. Is this NECESSARY? Seriously? It's CAKED on there, ground in and just all around nasty. missed a spot. I see some clean hair right there behind your elbow.

And you'd think, as a girl, Calypso would be a little bit more conscientious about the health and cleanliness of her hair. Not so. She gets just as dirty and nasty as the boys.

I'm willing to bet he considers it a challenge. Must. Be. Dirtier. Than the GIRL! MUST!

Face, eyelashes and mane? Check.

Butt? Tail? Back? Withers? Check. Check. Check.

Ha! I WIN! WHEE!!!

Hey horses? You and the mud win. I give up. You can officially be known as pigs from now on!


  1. Love the leaping muddy horse!

  2. i see you're enjoying your new camera! Can't wait to see you and the girls :)

  3. HAHA! Yea...with my hands going numb from all the front arm motions I do at work..MUDD and me on the mare won't do!I rely on the blanket! OR---I'd be bettin' ya might have a contender, over here in Oregon!
    Love the buckin' mudball!

  4. Yep, those are dirty horses alright. I bet they had a great time getting that way.

  5. You win! He is the dirtiest! I swear they do that to get out of working!

    Cold here... riding is just a dream away.... (sigh...)

  6. Oh my! Cute post! They really are friend's 3 yr old could be a competitor, I laughed when her horse looked like yours and mine was SO pristine. Words I'm sure I'll eat sometime soon I'm sure!