Saturday, November 14, 2009

Havin' a ball

Well, I finally got a new camera! Yay! I can once again take decent photos of my family and my critters.

Remember how I've mentioned how playful Gabe is? I think I've said something about it once or twice.

This is MY ball. Don't touch.

I love my ball. Ball! It's squishy and chewy. Ball!

Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom!

Hey! Come play with me! Please please please!

Dudes! Where you going? Get back here!!!! HEY! I'll share my ball! HEY! COME BACK!!!

*sigh* They left me. At least I'm handsome. I'll just stand by this gate and wait my turn to be let out into the pasture. They always get to go first. It's not fair. *sigh*

This is for my mom. PoPo and HoneyBaked. Quickly approaching goal weight for bacon, ham and chops.

Pigs and goats dig in to breakfast. The goats are PUSHY and like to steal the piggies food even though they have their own.


  1. Great pics! We had a horse once that would deliberately step on a jolly ball until it was flat (squeak, squeak, squeak) and then let it fill with air and then repeat! I think he enjoyed the noise.

  2. Hahya! Great to see that huge playful grey beauty! Haha! And the thought of honey baked..ummm good!
    How fun to have a lens view here!

  3. Fun to see the photos! Honeybaked and PoPo???? OMG.....I got a good giggle out of that one. Too cute, thanks for sharing.

  4. Love the pictures. That is one big piggie! Goats are cuties! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow! Gabe is gorgeous! I love greys. Love those dapples. HoneyBaked...that is hilarious.

  6. Our Colt LOVES his jolly ball..but only if he thinks you're not watching! As soon as he see's you he's all like..."what? Oh THAT thing..nah..too childish for me thanks"
    Only sometimes the dog likes to play with it and THEN he's all like a toddler with a bad case of the "THAT'S-MINE'S".