Monday, June 1, 2009

Lazy days

Gabe has a new nickname: Mr. Lazy Pants.

Lounging around in the pasture and filling up on grass and clover and alfalfa all day must be hard work because when they come in for their night meal, he's seriously draggin' butt. It could be the weather, too: Hot and HUMID. The humidity is such an energy sapper for every one.

But I really think his Highness is feeling a bit worn out by the work it takes to be at the bottom of a herd, and his insatiable need to be a pest. This is the third week I've been able to turn all three out together as a herd and Gabe can be a bit overreactive. If Calypso turns her butt towards him, just turns, no threatening or warning, he's running to the other side of the pasture. If Chief lays his ears back at him, just a warning to back off a bit, not going after him, he's running to the other side of the pasture, flinging his head around and throwing a few bucks and squeals in there for good measure. I can't tell if he does it because he really is worried about getting kicked or if he's just using it as an excuse to run. He does like to run...when he's not being Mr. Lazy Pants.

He always runs back to his starting point, almost like he's saying "Ha! Ha! You can't catch me!" And they can't. Even though he's a track failure, he's MUCH faster than the other two butterballs and escapes teeth and feet every time. He hasn't a single mark on him, they just can't catch up to lay a tooth or a hoof on him. He has some amazing sliding stops and spins for a TB, that's for sure! My pastures aren't liking those sliding stops so much.

But he's a brat. Seriously, he's a giant, pestering brat and I really can't say I blame the other two for not putting up with his crap and giving him the stink eye when he comes near. I watched them this weekend and Gabe would creep up on one of the other two, slowly grazing his way towards them, watchful and wary, acting like la-tee-da, nothing going on over here, don't look at me, I'm just eating. Then, when he got close enough and the other horse was ignoring him and contentedly munching away, he'd reach out, nip the other on the butt, spin and take off running and bucking like a mad man while the other one whirled to find him already gone. He did it several times. He's like the bratty kid down the road who rings your doorbell then runs away.

I know he just wants them to play with him, but they aren't having any of it. I almost feel kind of bad for him because he's so playful and the other two, well, they just aren't. Chief is a Grumpy Old Man, and Calypso, she's just fat and not terribly athletic. It's easier to bury her head in the grass that *gasp!* trot or canter! But, I imagine he's having fun just pestering them or he wouldn't keep doing it.

Either that, or he's one of those horses who belongs on the short bus and takes a LONG time to figure things out. I really hope he's just having some fun!


  1. Oh Jasper does this too. Only he's low man in a herd of 5 and has huge bite marks all over him- some of which are thankfully starting to grow in hair again.

    The others are SO mean to him, the big grey gelding pins his ears and chases him away. Jasper sprints away, chills out for a few moments, then sneaks his way back in and starts trying to bite his face.


    All day long. Jasper is still thin, even on all his supplements and hay, but he never quits moving! He's either sleeping (the sprawled out dead horse sleep) or moving. Galloping around like a maniac quite often.

    I don't think they're riding the short bus... maybe just a combo of 1) being young 2) being BOYS, and 3) being ADD TBs.

    I hope.

  2. LOL short bus! Well, he'd be right at home with my two rettards, that's for sure. They are just big goobery Boyz and they love to run, buck, fart, and play "bite the face".

  3. HAHA!! What a character you've got there. I wish I could stay home from work for a day and be a fly on the wall to watch all the things my boy does. He's low man on the totem pole too, but he spends most of his time avoiding the bullies and not instigating them. I think his low status bugs him sometimes and that's why he sticks and tries to be my boss. Of course, the whole herd is well trained enough to know that I'm lead mare around there!