Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why I never seem to have enough time to ride

I have the rest of this week off from work. I seriously needed a mental health break, so I took it. There are only so many murders, fatal car wrecks and public suicides one can handle before it comes all too overwhelming for my emotions. Sometimes, I think I'm far too empathetic to stay in this business and keep my sanity intact!

So, I made a list of things I'd like to get done this week. Okay, they are things that NEED to be done! I'm always pretty optimistic about how much I can do, but looking at my list I suddenly realized why 1. I never have enough time to really ride and 2. When I do have enough time to ride, I'm utterly exhausted!

Here's my list...so far...and in no particular order:
1. Clean/organize the mail/bill counter (We ALL know how messy that area can become!)
2. Clean the chick nursery coop
3. Finish painting family and hang curtains/pictures
4. Paint bedroom
5. Clean Gabe's run-in and add more footing
6. Weed flower beds and strawberry bed
7. Plant grapes and build grape arbor
8. Plant blueberries
9. Trim tree branches along west fenceline
10. Trim sucker limbs/branches on trees around pond
11. Fill musk rat holes around pond/dam. Find someone who will come out and trap them.
12. Hang gate on new pasture
13. Mow field
14. Mow riding arena
15. Mow/weed eat around pool
16. Uncover pool/clean
17. Clean Kayleigh's room and steam the carpet
18. Till compost into garden and plant rest of veggies
19. RIDE!!!
20. Turn compost piles/build new compost bin
21. Put more rock on grooming area
22. Buy paint for Gabe's run-in...paint it
23. Buy concrete for new hitching rail, install new hitching rail post
24. Clean goat pen/replace bedding
25. Clean chick brooder
26. Do laundry
27. Clean/oil all tack
28. Wash/repair winter blankets. Bag and store.
29. Pull/trim all manes.
30. Fill potholes in driveway

And Kayleigh has a horse show this weekend so I also need to make sure her show gear is clean and give her a couple of lessons between now and Saturday.

No freakin' wonder I'm always exhausted! However, most of this stuff, once it's done, it's done and I don't have to do it again. Whew.


  1. Yup , thats what happens...I could add school run to that as well :(
    I rode out for the first time in ages today...still had to rush back to make lunch before the next school run :P

  2. Hey! Your list looks a lot like mine. If you can get all of that done in a week, you must be Superwoman. I once took a 3 month break between jobs with the intention of painting both the interior and exterior of the house. At the end of the 3 months, I had painted one bathroom, one bedroom, the spa room, and half the outside trim. I was working from sunrise to sunset too. I have no idea why it took so long.

  3. Our lists are similar. No pool here though. A suggestion... pay Kayleigh for each muskrat she can trap, then go out and buy her some traps. Good luck super-woman!

  4. I'm behind on posts but your list looks mightly familiar. The difference is, yours might get done! Make a smaller list! Then it won't seem as overwhelming! LOL. Seriously, I set ride time goals every month - basically, I keep a log of how much I ride & try to exceed the time from the previous year. It keeps me focused. BUT, it also prevents me from doing some of the tedious things I SHOULD be doing. I always say those things can wait until winter (or when I see the husband's evil eye!) ;)