Monday, May 25, 2009

Show photos

Kayleigh at her second show this season, riding Trinity. She rode in two classes: Equitation for riders 8 and under and equitation for riders 12 and under. She placed third in the 8 and under class and 6th in the 12 and under class. She had a frustrating day with Trinity...Trinity DID NOT want to trot! But, she handled it well and didn't get angry at the horse, instead, she worked with what she had and did what those short little legs could do on that big ole fat paint.
Waiting for her first class...

Still waiting....notice she's managed to keep that white shirt clean? Amazing! A miracle!

Finally at the gate! See that smile!

Five kids in the class...full sized jumper arena, yet they ALL manage to bunch up within three minutes of entering the arena. How does that happen?

Riders, trot your horses! Come on Trinity, pick up yer feets!

And....walk. Trinity is REALLY good at walking.

A nice, cool bath to end a hot, dusty day of showing. Trinity was VERY appreciative!


  1. Kayleigh is adorable. Love the pigtails.

  2. This far away Nana is very thankful that you post these adorable pictures! Kayleigh is cute and looks great on that paint. She appears to be so calm while she waits. I can hardly wait to get that cutie to California. Is she ready for some more mountain riding? (((HUGS)))

  3. Good for Kayleigh! I keep seeing pix of kids from whom I could take riding lessons!

  4. SO CUTE!! And third is GREAT, good job Kayleigh!

  5. Just adorable!! Congratulations to Kayleigh. I'll bet she had a blast!

  6. Too funny Jenn with them bunching up like that!
    Kayleigh is so smart in her white and rust!What an awesome job and fantastic smile at the gate!
    Sending some((( pats)))fir her!

  7. NuzzMuzz...Thank you! she has a wedge hair cut so those ponytails were a pain in the butt to get right! Next time, I'm going for the hairnet option.

    Kathy...every day she asks how much longer till Nana and California. She's very excited and is already trying to pack her chaps!

    Leah...if Kayleigh gave a riding lesson she'd just chat your ear off the whole time and the only thing you'd accomplish is "heels down." :P

    BritnieAnn and c-ingspots...she says "thank you!" and that she had a really, really fun time. 'Cept when Trinity wouldn't trot.

    Kac...those rust breeches hail from my show days and I believe from my mother's show days as well. We keep our show gear in the family! I guess that says something about how things were made back then compared to the fall-apart breeches they sell now.