Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunshine dreamin'

YAWN. Chief and Calypso nappin' in the sun.

HEY! Stop watching me! I'm outta here.


  1. Oh sweet makes me feel cozy seeing them down enjoying that.

    We have wind now and is cleansing to me somehow~

  2. I was browsing through pics the other day and came across the ones of us clearing that particular patch of land. Remember that? Christmastime a few years back, ripping out weeds and hacking down brush and burning it...hard work, that was. Looked pretty good when we were done...knew it would be a horse home in the near future.

    WHY did we bother?

    Really? Why? Just wanted to go burn off christmas cookie calories? Thought I was bored and needed some good ol' hard work to entertain me? It was enjoyable, yes, especially the fire part...but I think we both knew it was essentially pointless labor.


    Oh well, that area beyond the far fence looks good now, anyway!

  3. I love to watch horses laying down snoozing in the peaceful and sweet.
    I'm kind of sunshine dreamin' too.
    Sounds so very, very good huh?
    We have rain - always the rain.
    Glad to hear that Gabe's leg is doing better.

  4. allhorsestuff...I know! I totally wanted to head outside and snooze in the sunshine myself...but it was still a bit chilly.

    Amy...And now the paddocks are mud pits. Which is exactly why they don't get to go out into the pastures while it's muddy! Their paddocks may look like crap, but their pastures are beautiful. :P We bothered because it was FUN! Yeah, just keep telln' yourself that. You know what's amazing though? Come spring those mud paddocks will grow grass.
    We are going to fence in the area beyond the far fence this year...I seeded the non-woodsy area of it in the fall and fenced in entirely it's about two more acres of pasture. :P

    C-ingspots...ugh. You said the "R" word. Ick. We are supposed to get more rain tomorrow and Friday, and my paddocks are JUST NOW starting to dry out! *sigh*
    I took Gabe's bandage off last night for good. It's all healed! Yay! No scarring, nothing, thank goodness.

  5. We are still a month away from rain and mud; I guess there are advantages to cold and snow! Glad the Great Gabe is mended, I just hate leg wounds.

  6. Had some nice days here in Nebraska earlier this week. The deep freeze is back. Nearing 0 again... Snow expected. But won't be long and we'll be through the worst of it. The cold is just so much colder after we've had some nice ones!