Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Horses in the snow

Some vids of my horses livin' it up in the snow. I so need a new camera. And Gabe really needs to better learn the definition of my "personal space!"

The first one is almost two minutes. The tiny human you hear is my daughter, Kayleigh. If you listen closely you can hear the horses snorting and blowing at each other. Yes, you heard right. Kayleigh said Chief sounds like a Velociraptor when he blows. He kinda does!

The second one is a bit shorter. Yee haw! I wouldn't want to ride THOSE bucks! Do ya think my kid loves horses as much as I do? hehe!


  1. oh yeah I love horses! Makes me miss my really miss my horse. your daughter made me smile, too... I remember being that excited about horses! oh, wait, I still am...

  2. That's a lot of pent-up energy there, and some really high bucks. I've seen Bombay rear and stand straight up for quite a while spinning his front hooves when he plays. I'm thankful he's never tried that while I've been riding him.

  3. Thanks for the entertainment! Your daughter made us laugh when she jumped up for the camera.

  4. Oh hahaha! Too blame funny..he just did circles for so long...sure must have felt good to him! You just kept backing up as he got wider and wider!
    Your daughter made me hoot when she jumped in front of the camera too.
    Thanks for the view today

  5. Loved these videos so much! Gabe loves to run and he sure is full of life. Beautiful beautiful animal! And Kayleigh sure made us laugh with her giggles, excitment, and her cameo appearance. That girl is a fourth generation horse lover.
    some more please..... I loved hearing the sound of the snow crunch and slide.

  6. Velociraptor! Now that's an interesting comparison! I SO WANT a video camera for my birthday so that I can capture those snorts, too! I call them "dragon snorts"!

  7. Loved the commentary from your daughter. Gabe's extended trot is incredible! Beautiful pics!

    Temps predicted in the high 50's again today. Hope you are getting a little of this, too.

  8. I've tagged you for a picture meme; come on over to my blog for the rules!