Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Wind Crazies

Ugh. Winter weather is creeping up on us. Quickly. I'm not ready! Noooo!!!

It dropped to below freezing last night and has been WINDY for the past couple of days. Holy cow, the WIND! I feel like I am living in Kansas all over again, eyes watering, hair and absolute rat's nest. You know what happens when you mix colder weather with lots of crazy wind whipping through the trees?

You get crazy horses! All. of. them. NUTS. I was going to ride Miss Calypso last night, but I decided it was just too windy and she was just way to uppity to even think about having a constructive, remotely enjoyable ride. I hate getting on and just spending the entire time battling the wind crazies. It's better just to find something else to do than get on and have a miserable time, in my opinion. And I know Calypso. When she has the wind crazies her brain completely turns off and every single thing is a big horse-eating boogeyman out to devour her on one big bite. I spend the entire ride concentrating on just staying on and keeping her from having an absolute blow-up.

And the old man? He was running, tail high, neck arched, fartin' and snortin' all over the pasture. He certainly wasn't acting like a 22-year-old crabby Appy!

And Gabe. WHOO WHEE! He was crazy right along with Calypso and Chief. The boy can buck. He can buck and gallop and rear, all at the same time. And can he vocalize! He squeals like a girl and grunts like a little pig. Too funny.

I love watching the horses all acting like fools and playing hard. I don't want to ride them when they are acting like that, but I sure love watching them. I can just stand by the fence and watch them for hours.

Sometimes, when I'm just out there watching them, Robert hollers out to me asking what's wrong. "Nothing," I say. "I'm just watching them." I don't think he really 'gets it,' but that's okay. Horses are a sickness and I've got it bad.

Really rough days at work find me out just messing around the horses after I get home. It doesn't matter what it is. I can ride or groom, give them scritches and massages, clean paddocks or just sit out there and watch 'em. It's all good for my soul. They are a major key in helping all the bad day work crap just melt away.

P.S. Robert held up his end of the agreement. I now have a new mounting block. Post with pics coming as soon as I get my camera working again! Never let anyone say the man does anything half-assed. You'll see!


  1. I agree that just watching horses is satisfying to the soul! If I don't have the time to ride, just spending time brushing them, or just hanging out with them always puts me in a good mood. Too bad your camera wasn't working for crazy horse pics!

  2. The little girl and pig noises are funny. Bombay sounds like a donkey when he calls out. One day a neighbor said to him, "Careful there, Bombay, you're starting to sound like an ass."

  3. Oooh can't wait to see the mounting block... I have men-folk round here who are mega-builders too! lol

  4. Amen sista!!! I wholeheartedly agree 100%. I got that sickness too and it ain't a gonna change...ever. You're right - they're like big old sponges and they just suck up all the bad - don't matter how bad, it just kind of drains away when you hang around them!! Ain't they just grand? I love em. I agree with the windies too - looney tunes!! But ooh so much fun...to watch, that is!!

  5. Yea, know aobut all that too...love to just mess around the ponies!

    I go out to the stable and walk out to my 2 horses run in stalls..and I have not timed myself..but I am sure it takes me MUCH longer to do those two stalls then it does the barn manager doing her multitude inside the barn!
    I pet and stare and, like your word "scritch" at them, when they come in to see me...I give them extra flakes of hay fuss with the water, rake the pea gravel around...kiss and coo...and after that....ride!

    But wind...ooou..the brains of my mare flys-through-the-air with the rushing wind!