Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The new digs

Gabe and Calypso are digging their new space. Lots of beautiful green,lush grass and new views.

Woo hoo!

Hi there! I love my pasture, but can ya get someone to turn down the heat? Melting over here. And this humidity, it's doing NOTHING for my hair. Seriously.

Don't worry bud, the cold weather is just around the corner. Trust me, you'll be complaining about the chill soon enough. Which reminds me...you need a blankie! And I need two new tank heaters.

I'll stop complaining about the heat and humidity now. An arctic blast from last winter. *shudder*

My toes and nose are cold just thinking about it. *double shudder*


  1. What a great pasture! Look how happy they are! Heck, i would be happy to live there! You could have left off the picture of the snow, though. SSSHHHiiivvveeerrr.

  2. I have GREEN ENVY! Lovely beasties!

  3. yeeew, no more snow pictures plez!!

  4. Saddle mountain rider...They are pretty thrilled with the pasture and now have more grass to get even fatter on. The mare, Calypso, has gotten absolutely enormous over the summer, just from the grass! I've started calling her Gordita, because she kind of looks like a big, fat gordita. I had to include those pictures, just to remind myself what kind of nastiness lurks just around the corner. If I don't get started on winter prep now I'll never get caught up!

    Kathy...thank you! Our unusually wet summer has definitely blessed us with lots and lots and lots of green. More rain last night, today and tomorrow will mean even more GREEN! Isn't your green season coming up pretty soon?

    a.di....oh...yeah, you guys should be getting snow like, next month, right? *Grin* There is a reason I won't live any further north than I do right now. Our icky snow is bad enough!

  5. I wuv snow. Just not in October or April :)
    Those are some big lovely fluffy flakes!