Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Green grass and new chaps

It's amazing what a new pair of half chaps will do for a kid's desire to ride. Apparently, riding without chaps was pinching Kayleigh's legs. I had no idea. New chaps=new desire to ride more often, even without mom!

She didn't know I was watching her. She is getting much more confident, trotting and cantering Lou all over the place. I could hear her laughing as she cantered him in the lane between our pastures and the corn field. He was a turd for her last night and bucked her off. She landed in the mud, got the wind knocked out of her, then caught that little rebel and hopped back on. The kid takes no shit from Lou!
She and he seem to get along very well. He does test her from time to time, but she has fun on him. He reminds me a lot of my first pony, Blaze. Sometimes a fabulous partner, other times...well, let's just say that pony taught me to stick to just about anything and learn an incredible amount of patience. Aren't they cute together?

We had a couple of days dry enough to turn them out on the pasture...but the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side of the fence, isn't it? My husband was pulling up clover for them and they eagerly awaited the treat.

He knows JUST where all of Gabe's itchy spots are and is usually willing to stand out there and give him a good scritching. Gabe, of course, begs for scratches and won't leave you in peace if you are in the pasture and NOT scratching him.

That's the spot! Right there! I'll give you all day to stop.

Me next? I have itchies too! Right...here...on my butt.

I'll catch up with ya later...I have grass to eat.


  1. Your daughter does look cute on Lou! So happy to hear that she's riding more, and seems to be having fun...who knew? All your ponies are looking good, and enjoying their grass time. And scratches! Life is good!!

    1. I think she's more comfortable on a shorter horse...she seems to have a lot more confidence when the ground isn't so far away!
      They are all definitely getting fat on that grass, and their summer coats are coming in (not that you can tell under the mud). Life is very good!

  2. Kayleigh is cute! And your two boys, both two legged and four, are looking awfully handsome!

    1. She is a cutie for sure...looks just like her nana AND her mom. :D Both of my boys make me very happy, and it's just an added bonus they are easy on the eyes, too.