Friday, April 5, 2013

Mud, the coolest fad

Mud is the new spring shade.
All the cool kids are wearing it, in abundance.

Even the short, extra hairy ones.

Some really pile it on.

All over and anywhere they can get it. I'm not fond of the look, but, there it is.

Thankfully, this mud fad won't last too long...and it's a temporary look (except, it does stain lighter colors a bit!)


  1. ours is red mud. so my grey and paint look pink.

  2. My gray's tail is a palomino shade. And he doesn't really look gray anymore...seriously needs a bath but it's not quite warm enough anymore. The paint looks like he's two shades of brown rather than white and chestnut!

  3. :) Heehee!! Well...apparently, we have some very fashionable ponies around our place too!!

    Glad you're warming up!!