Thursday, January 24, 2013

Where The Big Guy gets his awesomeness

Just for fun, a video of Gabe's daddy winning a race in 1982. He's the big gray who comes up from behind and leaves the Derby, Preakness and Belmont winners  in his dust. "Runaway Groom, from Canada!" the announcer exclaims as he suddenly appears in the frame.

The Travers Stakes race at Saratoga.

And Runaway Groom's breeders video. I think Gabe got his butt and his neck and really, his overall build.


  1. I used to watch horse races a lot back then and remember him! (Don't watch any more - too many bad things seem to happen these days in horse races.) Very cool!

  2. That was an awesome race and I loved it!! I get soooo excited watching horse races!! Love how he said, "and Runaway Groom is still bringing up the rear". Take that buddy!! How fun! How is his majesty doing these days anyway?? :) I knew he had good blood. Yep, I knew it! I know good horses. :) (of course I'm talking about Gabe!)

  3. Gave me shivers watching that stretch run! Canadian eh? Good blood in that Gabe!

  4. It gave me shivers too watching him come up from behind like that! Although his majesty did not get any of that speed (he was a massive failure on the track), I still think it's pretty cool to see his bloodline in action.

    C-ingspots...His Majesty is ready for this dang cold, frozen season to go away, and so am I. He looks kind of like a yak right now. :D