Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A day at Bramblewood Acres

Where, oh, where has all the good grass gone? Under the hummingbird feeder and chimes, of course!
Chickens? What chickens? Oh! Those chickens.

I have no idea how she climbed aboard Gabe. I looked out to check on him, and there she was. Just chillin'.
She said his rump was comfy. I guess it was. She took a nap while he was out grazing. He is such a different horse than he was 6 months ago. My big, goofy gelding is growing up!
Kahlua, weed eating around the fence for me. See, ponies ARE useful! A goat ate most of his tail, so, we trimmed it to it's most even length. And, we roached his awful, dry, mostly rubbed out mane. It's coming back in much softer and more healthy.
He doesn't have the cutest pony head on the planet, but he sure is a sweetie.
Montana, filling out nicely. He has been much easier to train than I thought he would be. So quiet, level-headed and smart. He's learning fast and so smooth to ride!
The elusive unicorn captured by the fair maiden. Does it count that she lassoed him?


  1. enjoyed this post very much. nice horses, nice kid <3

  2. Good looking animals :) We had a pig eat one of our horses tail. How or why she just stood there is a mystery.

  3. Wonderful to see Gabe so very relaxed with your daughter lounging on him!!! He's come a long way from your earlier posts. :) Just wonderful!! All the horses look good. Our grass is long gone too - dead, brown, cropped pretty much everywhere that's not regularly watered. Our weather has turned much cooler this past week, there's even a chill in the morning. Things sure can change fast!! I'm tired of being hot, but I'm sure not ready for cold and wet either.