Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring fever!

When March hands you 80-degree and sunny days in the Midwest, you don't waste them.

Guess who has ridden more in the past week than she has all winter? This woman! Yay!

And I can definitely see a difference in Gabe. Good differences! We have been moving forward instead of backwards or going over the same ole stuff yet again.

But I'm kind of afraid of what this early, record warmth might mean for our already hot and humid summers....*shudder*


  1. Wow! 80 degrees! I can't imagine that this early in the year. Today was the first day to really give me hope of spring. We were in the upper 60s. Glad you are enjoying the warm weather with Gabe.

  2. Love that photo! Fun to be able to ride more now....