Friday, April 1, 2011


Gabe looks just like his daddy!

My big guy is one of the last foal crops from Runaway Groom, who was euthanized on June 8, 2007 at 28 years old. He stayed active in the breeding shed until February 2007 when his handlers noticed he was becoming more and more uncomfortable in his old age. When medication and therapy failed to keep him comfortable, he was put down.

What a handsome man he was. Aside from a less-refined head than Gabe's, they look nearly identical.

I've never been a huge fan of flea-bitten grays, but I have a feeling that's what Gabe will be. It's a good thing no good horse is a bad color. Check out the bone, the well-conformed, made-to-last build on this solid Canadian-bred stallion. This is a horse that was bred for strength and stamina, not at all resembling the narrow, wispy, wasp-waisted, delicate-looking Thoroughbreds that are being bred in the U.S. today. The horses bred to run but not bred to last.

I'm so glad Gabe got his old-style Thoroughbred conformation from the Canadian side of his line.

A video of Runaway Groom at his Lexington retirement home. It's almost like looking into the future of what Gabe might look like as he ages and gets whiter and whiter.


  1. **grin** a little Canadian pride there!
    he was a lovely horse- sure did have good bone.
    If Gabe looks like him, you have a good one.

  2. very nice, and very nice post!

  3. A true beauty! But... I think Gabe is even more handsome than his Daddy!

  4. Beautiful horse! Greys are my favorite. You're right though, Gabe has a prettier head than his daddy!