Thursday, February 24, 2011

He is...

He is a great big dork sometimes. (Okay, most of the time.)
He is always a trouble-maker and the root cause of great mischief.
He is an eater of anything that doesn't eat him first. He's the horse you have to keep the pastures poisonous-plant free for. He will eat it, even if it tastes nasty.
He eats John Deere seats and gnaws on steering wheels.
He dribbles his meals down my arm every day. I own no barn coats without Gabe slobber and bits of grain stuck to the sleeve.
He steals tools and has been known to run off with drills. He does not make sinking a post into concrete perfectly perpendicular to the ground an easy task.
He is sneaky and wily, especially when he's playing face wars with Chief. Or when he thinks I'm not giving him enough attention.
He is certainly forgetful. Whether that is on purpose, in defiance or merely a result of his Thoroughbred brain, I don't know, but sometimes, halt and stand still is a complete mystery to him.
He is playful and curious.
He is wonderful and fun and gorgeous and the horse of a lifetime.
He is my buddy, my secret-keeper, my tear-absorber and my psychologist.
He makes me forget every worry in the world and laugh at the wind.

And it's good to know the trailer training he received as a racehorse stuck in his brain.

Because I now have one parked in my driveway and I'm more thrilled than I can ever fully express.

Oh, the places we will go!


  1. He sounds like a big, fat blessing to me!!! Congratulations on the new trailer...woohoo!!!

  2. Very cool - the sense of freedom is marvelous isn't it? Congrats!!

  3. I thoroughly enjoy your whole article. Enjoy your great friend. he sure sounds like a good one..
    lov ya.

  4. As a friend of mine would say:
    He's all that and a bag of chips!
    Congrats on the trailer: Happy adventures!

  5. Hope you get lots of use out of that trailer this year!