Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An update on the bony pony

A quick update on this post.

The horses eventually went home on their own. The animal control officer contacted the bad, bad horse owning neighbor, and, because I included my name in the complaint this time, she knew who was making waves about her starving horses. I later made another anonymous complaint to the county health department about the condition of her property, which is indescribable. Can you say health risk, junk heap, dump? Yeah. It's bad.

She called me to rant and rave and call me all kinds of delightful names, which I found slightly amusing. I remained polite, quiet and had a smile on my face the entire time she lost control of herself. I was waiting for her to start making monkey noises and threaten to fling poo while scraping her knuckles along the ground. It amazes me the names and threats angry people can come up with when things aren't going their way...especially when they KNOW they are in the wrong and can come up with nothing worse than "You stupid bitch," "ignorant asshole," and "busybody cunt." Joy. I've been called worse by better, on a daily basis. Comes with my job field.

She even have the nerve to threaten to call animal control on MY horses. I welcomed her to make that call, told her to make as many calls as she wants to as many animal welfare organizations as she wants as I have absolutely nothing to hide from anyone and told her as much. She threatened to call the police on me if I rode my horses on the road next to her house ever again, which I have permission to do from the landowner. But, I'll avoid the confrontation as there are PLENTY of other places to ride.

And, just as I suspected, her excuse for that walking bag of bones is AGE. Yes. Age. There is a certain level of ignorance I can tolerate, but this level of absolute stupidity astounds me in so many ways. I am going to keep a watchful eye on that horse through the winter as it appears the animal control officer did nothing more than talk to her. But he was familiar with her and the horses when I made the complaint, so I may not be the only one who knows what's going on in her field and thinks it's absolutely shameful. I will continue to make complaints for as long as that animal remains a rack of bones. Unfortunately, that's about all I can do, short of stealing them.


  1. Ugh, why do people suck? I don't know how people like that can live with themselves much less defend themselves.

  2. Very sad, and I'm sure it's hard that there is nothing more you can do. :( Is she a hoarder? I've been watching that show...and this just reminds me of that....this lady had 36 cats in her house, 13 of which were dead...and she continued to defend herself and say that her house was clean and it was okay to be in there! Some people just have head problems that are more serious than they'd like to admit. I would keep on the health department, too.....Ugh. Sorry you have to deal with this!

  3. Poor, poor, poor pony. Good for you though-even if she just got a "talking to", it IS better than nothing, because the report is on file.
    What a horrible person. You are exceptionally poised and I admire your cool...pretty sure I would have lost it when trash starts calling ME names and wielding threats. Good on ya!

  4. I wish I knew why people suck, I really do. I don't understand how anyone who claims to care about their animals could ever let one of them get into that condition and not realize it's NOT OKAY.

    She is kind of a hoarder. From what I understand (my oldest is friends with her daughter) her house is FULL of animals, piles of animal feces, rotting food, garbage, etc. And from the exterior appearance of her property, it all screams HOARDER or someone with a mental illness.

  5. Good dental care, shelter and feeding trump age 9/10 if there was a MEDICAL condition that made the horse that way she is STILL to blame for not getting the vet.
    I remember ppl reporting a pony down the way from us a few years ago. Yeah he was thin but it WAS old age thin, he had cushings and therefore laminitis, was on meds, but he was also knocking on 30!!!!!
    The kind of thin you have in the pic is neglect pure and simple and fantastic you for standing up to homosemierectus (aka you can take trash out the trailer....) x