Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The rearview

We finally got a decent break in the heat and I was able to work Gabe a bit. Not in the saddle though. After Sunday's ride I decided we needed a bit more ground work on moving away from the leg and making circles without our head swung to the outside.

So we did just over an hour of groundwork in the long reins. It's great exercise for the "rider" to have to run along with the beast to get the work done! I was definitely dripping sweat more than he was by the time we accomplished some of the goals I had.

Long and low and relaxed. Look at how nicely he's marching forward! I almost have to jog to keep up with his working walk. I want to note that I do not have the long reins attached correctly for more advanced long rein work. I had them running through the rings of the surcingle and clipped directly to the bit because we were just working on turns and very, very low-level lateral movements. When I want to work him on correct bend, higher level lateral movements and really working that hind end I'll thread the reins through the bit and then clip the ends back to the surcingle on a higher ring where it will give a different action and effect on his mouth.

Starting to get a wee bit of hind end cross-over on lines. It took FOREVER to get just this little bit of sideways movement. Gabe is having a really hard time figuring out exactly what I'm asking when I nudge him over: It's like his brain just isn't connecting to the pressure on his side. He's the same way standing at the hitching post. He just doesn't get it when I tap him to move over. This issue is going to be my top priority until the little bells go off in his Thoroughbred mind and he has an "AH HA!" moment.

All in all, a good session. I got lots of hugs afterwards. This horse makes me so happy...I love his guts!


  1. I'm a fan of long-lining/ground driving, although I usually do it without a surcingle.

  2. I use a surcingle simply because I can position the lines in the approximate position where the reins would be if I was in the saddle. And, it keeps them out of the way. :D

  3. Nice butt! How in the world did you take that last photo? Arm up in the air? Is that you?, I cannot tell!

  4. He has a pretty decent rearend for a TB!

    Yup, that's me! Taken with my cell phone, arm extended.