Saturday, April 17, 2010

Got itches?

We all know what shedding season is like. Horses get SUPER ITCHY!

This is Gabe's favorite itching tree. He can stand out there for half and hour or more just itching his whole body. The bark on that little tree is worn smooth.

Gabe's Itching Tree

The birds were quite loud! The video isn't as clear as I'd hoped...I taped it from our deck at 30X magnification.


  1. That's really funny. He sure has his technique down. But he needs to pick on a tree his own size. :-) Cute video.

  2. That poor pitiful horse! Clearly you are neglecting him - get out there and scratch your beast! ;)

  3. Funny! Loved hearing your rooster and so many song birds. Here in CA. they sell these devices called 'curry combs', I'll have to send you one, Gabe would love it....

  4. Haha! He does need to find a tree his own size, the brute.

    Gabe is a little bit bizarre in the grooming category. He does NOT like to be curried with more than a feather's touch, so getting a lot of hair off him and giving him a really good, deep curry is a challenge. When I start really getting a good curry going on he gets quite pissy about it, has even cocked that hind leg at me more than once. He is definitely the proverbial thin-skinned thoroughbred!

  5. Gabe and Washashe mare...have that in common...if I get too furious with brushing...she picks her front leg up and paws the air...sometimes gets in in things ans scares herself! I have to change what I am using to suit her...but mostly..not brushing suits her fine!

    That tree is PERFECT!!!! He really loves it, and it can reach almost all the places he can imagine he needs to itch..too blame funny Jenn!! The rooster was hilarious!