Monday, March 15, 2010

Helmet Cam!

(No, not mine!) What a gorgeous course and a happy, forward horse. I love the way he talks to him through the entire ride. Enjoy!

Red Hills Horse Trials 2010 - Three Star World Cup - Peter Atkins


  1. So cool! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh My GOSH!!!! I am breathing hard and did not even get off my chair here!!
    WOWEE...what a dream to ride along with him and Henn! I loved how he said run-Henn-run!!
    So many of thoise were in the shade..I could not even see them..and narrow! woo!
    Thanks Jenn, so when is Gabe going to do this?

  3. Sarah...glad you enjoyed it! I loved it.

    KK...I know! I was the same way, I caught myself sitting up to slow him down and collect him right before the jumps a couple of times. How about that one where he had to jump through a "tunnel?" Talk about trust! The skinnies were very, very narrow! They don't seem quite that narrow when you're walking a course. might be a few years before Gabe is ready to do a 3-star! If ever. But I'm definitely going to check into wiring up a helmet cam for our first event, even if it is a boring green bean one. :D

  4. I love Peter Atkins so much! I got to ride with him briefly back in 2000 or so. And bought a really fantastic dressage saddle off of him.. which I just recently sold... sniff. A true horseman, that man, and I really respected him more than anything when he described riding the endurance phase of Camino Real with food poisoning. Like, how can anyone even consider that? Tough guy.