Friday, January 29, 2010

Horse News

Reposting an article from The Horse. This is good info. Even for those of us who have had too many experiences with colic, it's a good "reminder read," especially with it being the time of year when colics become increasingly more common.

Colic in Horses: General Review
by: University of Kentucky College of Agriculture
January 29 2010, Article # 15724


  1. A GREAT ARTICLE!!! And you are right - a good reminder for us all.

    One more to think about - barometric colic. Rarer than the ones mentioned here, this one can come on quickly and unexpectedly when low pressure systems move through. Ever hear of "Tornado Babies"?? That happens when pregnant women go into labor during tornadic activity. Low pressure systems effect all of us, even horses. Legs had a bout of this 4 years ago. He quit drinking for no apparent reason. Luckily we caught it before it progressed too much, but it took a trip to the emergency clinic for fluids to get him back on track. Scarey! Just one more thing to watch out for that we all may take for granted! Watch your horse's water consumption closely when those low pressures move through.

  2. I'm a huge believer in that barometric pressure theory too. Jaz always seems to pick the nastiest weather to colic.

  3. I have to go with the barometric pressure theory, too. I've worked in several fairly large barns and every single time the barometric pressure changed considerably we'd have one or two with painful tummy aches.