Sunday, October 25, 2009

A fall day after the rains


What? You don't like my mud bath look? You hate it when I grind, grind, grind that mud into my ears and nose? It feels SOOO good! You may call me Pig Horse now, thank you.

Well, hello there, wee one. Have you any peppermints for me? I'll take some peppermints if you have them.

C'mon Chief you KNOW you want to scratch my butt for me. It's SOOO itchy! Scratch me, please. Please?

Psst...Calypso. If he comes over here, we're gonna run, okay? Don't let him catch you!

Go go go! It's keep away from Gabe day! Run!

Ha ha! Slowpokes! Catch me if you can! You can't 'cause I'm The Man!

By the way...all the piles of dirt and heavy equipment you can see in the background in some of the shots is the TransCanadian pipeline going in. As much as I hate the noise (and the 7 day a week work!) and heavy equipment, I'm pretty darn sure my horses are now bombproof to just about any heavy equipment, chainsaw, noise and marker ribbons flapping as they can possibly get.


  1. How much rain did you get? Did Kayleigh go crazy, wait, she's always crazy. Sounds like fun for the horses. We need more rain and cold here. It only rained once!

  2. Tristan...we got TONS of rain. The horses had to stay in their paddocks for about a week because the pastures were so very wet. Kayleigh of course puts on the mud boots and stomps/sloshes through all the mud. Good fun!
    You guys will get more's just the beginning of your rainy season!

  3. Gabriel is so cute - even with his mudbath!

  4. I am so glad that you finally found the horses. I love this post! That grey nag is the most beautiful horse I have ever seen! And that granddaughter is the most cutest! Keep writing, I have missed 'visiting' your ranch. Can we see the pigs too please????

  5. A gray horse, even a muddy gray horse, looks gorgeous against the backdrop of a green field.

  6. HAha...nice to see the mudd caked upon his body, and them frolicing..just makes you sigh!
    Good for the positive on the noises...has to be good for something!