Thursday, August 21, 2008

A visit from the foot dude

I knew Gabe had been shod previously, but I was a little worried about his reaction to our farrier. Not because he's a big, scary guy, but because he drives a big, scary truck.

Gabe was an absolute Angel. He stood beautifully and didn't even drool on Don, our farrier. He did, however, keep attempting to undress Don by trying to eat his chaps and his hat. Silly boy nearly fell asleep while getting his tootsies all trimmed up and fixed. No shoes this time around. I won't have shoes put on him until I start riding him and right now, without much stress on those feet, his hooves look fabulous. Don was impressed with the quality of his feet, considering Thoroughbreds have notoriously craptacular feet.

He doesn't look the least bit worried about what's going on with his feet, does he?

See what I get to look at the entire time Gabe is getting his feet done? Not that I'm complaining or anything.

It was at this point that he started falling asleep while I rubbed his ears. He LOVES to have the insides of his ears rubbed. He moans and groans and closes his eyes when I get my fingers down in there and rub the heck out of 'em. Many of the horses I've met in my life tended to be a little bit ear shy. Not Gabe. I can practically tickle his brain while with my fingers while giving him an ear rub and he pushes against me for more.

My husband's horse, Calypso, waiting her turn for the nippers, rasp and hammer. She too, is very nosy and curious. She couldn't get enough of trying to steal Don's horse shoes right out of his truck.

On another note, Gabe showed his supremely playful side while I was filling his water tank yesterday. That big booger walked up for some scratches and lovin', then reached over, snatched the hose out of the tank and attempted to run off with it! He managed to soak me in the process. Goof.


  1. A tb with good feet! Lucky you!

  2. I love horses that have a sense of humor!

  3. Kathy...I know! So far everything about him has been just about as good as I expected and then some. He's definitely a gem.

    Nuzzling Muzzles...he is FULL of humor and really likes to share it with me, which I love. You know what they say..."All work and no play..." He is going to be so much fun when I start riding him. I'm really glad I'm taking the time on the ground to really get to know him before I get on.